Welcome to FUTECH

FUTECH was founded in 2009 with one aim in mind: to help professionals carry out measurements more easily and more precisely. Day by day, the FUTECH team does everything it can to realise this ambition. To this end, in addition to paying great attention to our products, we also strive to provide our users and dealers with a unique service package.

Since the founding of our company, we have managed to acquire a unique market position thanks to our rapid innovations. FUTECH was the first to launch just about all construction lasers with both red and green diodes: we surprised the market with our line and point lasers and everyone is still full of admiration for our cross line lasers with the most refined dual slope.

Our reliable after-sales service also offers FUTECH users quick solutions to all sorts of problems. In 2010, we pioneered the fine-tuning of every laser with a calibration station comprising 16 cameras. In 2019, the cameras were replaced by special, ultra-precise telescopes to enable even finer adjustment. Our sellers know everything about each device, enabling them to give our customers the correct advice at all times. Sharing their knowledge of the products is a daily routine for them.

FUTECH is growing

Since our launch, we have continued to work on the expansion of our brand. The range of lasers has been extended to include new measuring devices: laser distance meters, spirit levels, moisture meters, inspection cameras, multimeters, thermal cameras, etc.

In 2013, FUTECH made its first move beyond the borders of its Belgian homeland. We now have points of sale in 17 European countries, with local technical service centres also being opened.

The FUTECH team

FUTECH is the brainchild of 4 highly motivated entrepreneurs. They have gathered a team of people around them who have a passion for technology and construction. Together they invest all of their knowledge and skills in FUTECH on a daily basis. They draw energy from what they have already realised so far, something they are very proud of. They are building the foundations for FUTECH’s future growth with great enthusiasm.

If you would like to continue writing the FUTECH success story with our team, just send us your CV.